Scholars visit Menil Collection to work with students and prepare for Collaborative Futures conference

Beginning in March, scholar collaborators with the CAC have been working with objects and records at the Menil.  They have helped students with their research and explored the archives in preparation for a national conference and workshop on museum collections, object stewardship, provenance and cultural heritage.  Some of their work will appear in the Observations section of the site in the coming months, and they will all return to Houston in the fall for the Collaborative Futures conference.  In the meantime, we thought we'd share a few photos.

Objects conservator, Kari Dodson, Johns Hopkins University professor, Betsy Bryan, and Bryn Mawr student, Lara Fields, discuss scientific analyses that may be performed on an Egyptian relief.

Lara Fields and University of Missouri professor, Susan Langdon, consider a small bronze horse figurine and the light it may shed on the history of the Menil Collection.

MFA curator, Phoebe Segal, carefully demonstrates the proper use of an Attic kylix.

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