Catalogue up; Collaborative Futures conference and first Observation posting a week away!

With the Collaborative Futures conference a week away, the CAC provenance catalogue is up and running and the first Observation will post next week.  

The Catalogue includes a filterable and continually updated list of objects that participating CAC students and researches have studied. Eventually, the whole collection—nearly 600 objects from the Ancient Mediterranean at the Menil—will be included. Some information will remain incomplete, but some will be updated as further research allows for better knowledge. Please check to see what has changed.

The Collaborative Futures conference presents the crucial first outcomes of theCAC.  Over the past year, scholars from across the United States have been granted open access to the Menil’s object records and its collection.  They have traced the biographies, histories and significances of works in the collection and uncovered new information while collaborating closely with the Menil staff, the co-directors and our students.  During the three days of this conference, these scholars will present their findings and discuss them with the audience and with each other. We look forward to hearing their conclusions and exploring how open collaboration between museums and scholars can shed new light on the collection and on the challenges that face art historians, archaeologists and museum professionals in a new era of cultural stewardship.  

During the conference we will post the first item to our Observations.  It is a report on the the Antiquities Provenance Project at the J. Paul Getty Museum, written by David Saunders, Judith Barr and Nicole Budrovich, from the Department of Antiquities.  Budrovich will present on the project at the Collaborative Futures conference, and we will post their contribution on the website simultaneously.  

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