Students, professors, curators and staff work together in the first annual course on provenance and cultural heritage.

For the past semester, students have participated in the first annual Rice course on Advanced Study in Museums and Heritage. Over the course of the semester, they learn about the ethical and legal complexities of cultural heritage, preservation and provenance.  They read about why the subject matters, how it is being discussed in the fields of archaeology and museums and in international collaborations, and they become acquainted with the tools of provenance investigation.  During the second half of the course, each student chooses an object from the Menil's collection of arts from the ancient Mediterranean, and they dig through registrar files, books, sales catalogues, and online databases to uncover the history--the biography of the work.  In a few weeks, students will complete their research, present it to Profs. Hopkins and Costello and to the Menil for inclusion in the CAC catalogue and in the files of the Menil Collection.  

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